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What’s In Your Purse? Mom Edition


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Let’s fully acknowledge that safety is paramount for public places. There’s a serious need for inspection and monitoring what enters public places, especially play spaces that serve children. Still, I occasionally cringe as I approach the bag check at theme parks. I’m not trying to pull a fast one and sneak things through the gate. I really do buy my Kombucha On Tap when I get there. There’s nothing I am smuggling, I have no fear for the consequences that will come from checking my bag. I’m not easily embarrassed. I just don’t like people touching my stuff.

I’ve never considered myself unique in terms of the things I carry. If strangers weren’t searching the contents of my purse regularly when I take my kids to the theme park, I may have never known. Almost every time I reach one of these checkpoints there is both shock and lengthy conversations over the contents of my hand bag, beginning with, “What does this thing weigh?”

Weight wise, I honestly do not know. 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, maybe? Definitively, my purse weighs less than my toddler and more than the average house cat. It’s been a while since I have cleaned out the old girl. While I am never entirely sure how many bricks I am lugging around, (literal Lego bricks), there are quite a few items that are always with me. I like to be prepared. Having babies has brought about certain habits, for better or for worse.

“Ma’am, what is this? Can you please dump your things out in the tray and verify the contents.”


I recently had the opportunity to reaffirm my appreciation for people that validate there are no credible threats in bags at theme parks with a test of my patience. As I buckled the baby, I dumped out the bag and dove into my dossier.

My purse contains the following AT ALL TIMES: Band-Aids, Neosporin, nail polish, tampons, sugar packets, shoelaces, Hot Wheels toy race cars, ear bud headphones, a notepad, a writing utensil, and of course a good book. There were a lot of other things as well; odd items long forgotten from school projects and an orange peel or two from the previous weekends’ soccer games. While I awkwardly cleaned it out they laughed and asked me why in the world I would have those things in my purse all the times.

I will share my answer with you, as well.

More than half of the items are dual purpose. They can come in handy as an on the go first aid kit. If you did not know, sugar will coagulate blood in the event someone has a cut that wont stop bleeding. Sure there’s probably a better way, but should you need it, it’s proved to be far better than having nothing.

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